The story of how ARCH came to be


The Truth is sometimes hard to tell, as it may contradict what has been accepted to such a degree that some may not be able to see it as such, yet I accept this responsibility and must tell it as it is for those Who need to see and hear it.

The Journey to Absolute Realization began before life as some recognize it began.
I was a being in a place of Light, where there was One exactly like me, and We were both Light.  We communicated perfectly without words and it was similar to what some would call telepathy in this world.
Our thoughts were in harmony, and all was perfectly peaceful. 

I then had a desire arise in Me to observe, and go to a distant place that I had seen on the outskirts of My home with My equal, and so I was born in to a family in the Caribbean.

A little  island by the name of Trinidad was My point of entry into this experience, and on birth into a wonderful  Religious/ Spiritual, Athletic and Intelligent Family, I instantly became aware that My mission was to help others to remember the way I felt in My True Home, and to remind them that They too were from such a place.

I saw music, media, and any means that could communicate the this Reality clearly as the ways that I would go about this.

I grew up as an athlete, and excelled in school, got a scholarship to a Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and was a Track & Field star, and Football player, along with being a Mixed Martial Artist and Electrical Engineering student.

Things were great, and life seemed to be lining up just as I had imagined it, then came the pivotal moment in My experience.

I had been studying many Spiritual teachings, and developing a genuine understanding of the relationship of Myself to this world, when I had a fire in which I lost everything that I had. Simultaneously, I lost including My girlfriend.

This appeared to be an all time low for My life, yet through all the terrible heart wrenching pain, and suffering, I began to reconnect to something far greater, through Music, and a consistent Spiritual Practice.


I searched for an understanding of the relationship to My Source of Being/God which I had always felt and known . Through an accepting and somewhat passive approach, I had many wonderful and powerful revelations, which allowed Me to know the Absolute.

I became an Independent Practitioner at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles California, and dedicated Myself to helping others in any way I could. Music, Spiritual Practice and Healing were my three major modes of communicating that which was always there.

My passion to help People to achieve True Spiritual Mastery became the main driving desire in My Life.

This was the Birth of Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing (ARCH)


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