Who we work with....

At ARCH, We work with those who are ready and willing to see progress. We assist Business Professionals, Artists, Actors, Leaders, Professional Athletes and  Spiritual Healers in having and maintaining success. 

1.We show Corporate Organizations how to significantly increase their income by helping their Employees to be happier, healthier, more clearly communicative and productive. Through a series of enlightening Workshops, Meditative Practices, Perceptual Reprogramming ©, Retreats and Seminars, We provide substantial and tangible benefits for both the Employers, and Employees.


3.We help Open Minded People to become consciously aware of the connection to their Source, feel amazingly inspired, energized and motivated to create highly successful outcomes in all areas of their lives. 

4.We help Spiritual Healers, Teachers and Leaders, to be the best that they can be, by helping them to  fine tune the cutting edge modalities, develop true confidence, and acquire knowledge, through Our Archangel Certification Program.


We can help You to:

  • Live Your life purpose,

  • Improve Your relationships,

  • Create peace, fulfillment, happiness & health,

  • Raise self-esteem and build confidence,

  • Communicate effectively and authentically with others,

  • Release limiting perceptual programs that may get in your way,

  • Eliminate worry, anxiety, frustration & guilt.

  • Instill self-affirming ways of being,

  • Experience the power to create the life experience You really want.


"I had been walking blindly toward the light. I knew I wanted change, I craved it with every fibre of my being, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not grasp it. Since working with Gabriel, I feel as though I have been reborn. I am so alive, as though there is a bright light at my centre, bursting with love. Gabriel has changed my life, and I am forever grateful."                 

Joe Mercer

Communications Co-ordinator at County of Simcoe

"I always wondered why I just couldn't be happy. King Gabriel showed me how to learn to love my life and appreciate what I have. Love was a challenge for me that I never knew existed. Learning to live from a perspective of love helped me to be a happier person. I learned to let go and live in the moment. King Gabriel is truly the Happiness Coach. I highly recommend working with him to learn to love your life, and understand what it means to live from a perspective of love. You will be much happier, and glad you did."

Sheila White Trask

Professor, Program Creator and Public Speaker

“The light and smile of King Gabriel are simply contagious. I was looking to get out of my dark days when I crossed his road and I still think he wasn't there by accident. My sessions with him helped me in a drastic way. Since then, I shine and smile like the summer sun."

Farrah Bérubé Ph.D.

Universty Professor in Public Communication

''Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing workshop opened my eyes to the missing key to unlock my full potential as a man. I came to realize what was likely holding me back from bringing peak potential to my goals, and why I found it so great a challenge to find that energetic state of mind. I highly recommend King Gabriel Quincy Collymore 's ARCH Workshop - Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing. It is far and away a more profound awakening to the human potential than any piece of literature or seminar on the subject. Thank you KG!"

Tony Bucci

Health Expert and Buisiness Owner

“King Gabriel walks his talk in the areas of fitness, education, and inspiration. I believe the Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing (ARCH) is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to come into harmony and well-being.”

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center ​

Featured Teacher in The Secret movieFeatured Guest on The Dr. Oz Show & Oprah 2013.

Featured Teacher on Oprah's Help Desk 2014

"King Gabriel keeps his words clear of gossip, swear words, and unhappy thoughts. He derives the best outlook in every situation. He treats his physical body and other people's bodies with respect, although he sees his physical form as a vehicle in the metaphysical universe.  His  smile lights up a room!!!

Andrea Menard

Actor, Singer & Creator of Music Messangers

"Amazing person...super positive....anyone who works with him blessed!"

Brenda Rex

The Quantum Center for Excellence, Victoria, BC

''King Gabriel is a powerful energy that moves gracefully within his spirit. His classes reflect his passion for fitness and his great smile keeps his students motivated and engaged. He really offers something more to his students than just physical exercise, he gives you spiritual upliftment.''

Tiffany Rothe

Professional Fitness Model, Business Owner and

Health Expert Featured on The Dr. Oz Show 2013

''King Gabriel Quincy Collymore is a spiritual genius. His relationship workshop completely changed my life. He breaks down complex teachings into simple yet unbelievably powerful messages that can be applied every day to transform your life! He radiates love and light, meets you where you are, and provides unconditional love and support in every aspect of your life. I am extremely blessed to know King Gabriel, he is the real deal!!!

Kiera Dengate
Spiritual Teacher,Yogi

Published Author "Higher Vibrational Treats & Sweets"

"They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
I was attending a book launch to celebrate the accomplishments of a friend and King Gabriel Quincy Collymore was also launching a book at the same event. We had a conversation where I expressed I had a strong intuition that I could learn a lot from him. There are times when I am so grateful that I heeded the call of my inner knowing and this was definitely one of those times.
King Gabriel is a spiritual transformer and head coach at ARCH (Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing). He is kind, genuine and generous of spirit. He assisted me to learn through opening my mind, heart and soul to new perspectives. He is extremely skilled at meeting me where I am at (and there have been many times that was an emotional messy place) and through his acceptance of where I was at, his presentation of ideas and new perspectives, he helped me to elevate my consciousness and more fully appreciate the Divinity within me. The journey continues to deepen, open and expand. The many tools I have learned are now an integral part of my being. They help me to reconnect to Source, feel grounded and safe. There is such comfort in knowing that one is able to access what is needed at any time. There has been significant healing in relationships possible because of a deeper level of understanding and compassion in my heart. In the years since I have been working with him, I have experienced a transformation in my spiritual life (paralleled with a physical transformation) and I honour its fullest expression as well as look forward to continued deepening and expansion. I feel that I am able to present to the world my most authentic me and am living my life with a sense of awe, wonder, gratitude and deep, deep appreciation. My light is shining brightly and it’s radiance is a gift to behold. And so it is.
Can your light shine more brightly? Could you benefit from this type of exploration? I ask you listen to your heart and consider this amazing possibility."

Libbie Oag
Registered Nurse at Sick Kids Toronto





"King Gabriel has been mind blowing. In working with him as a mentor and coach,

I started to see things from a new perspective and find inner peace, joy, clarity, love , happiness, forgiveness and my inner voice. 

I broke free from limitations, which helped me to have the most transformation in my life, helping me to see who I truly AM.

King Gabriel has the highest caliber in mentoring and coaching. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him."

                                                                                                                                             Milene J.Sousa                                                                                                                                                    Professional Artist



I did not seek out the Spiritual Master course, but I believe it came to me at a time when I was meant to benefit from it the most.  King Gabriel is a masterful teacher and through his guidance, this program opened me up and provided me with personal breakthroughs that I did not think were possible.  The course material is quite intense and required me to really go deep within myself, however I can honestly say that the gains have been immeasurable.  King Gabriel’s  one on one support provided throughout the course really customized the experience and enabled me to receive exactly what I needed to understand all of the material.  With his guidance I have unveiled  what I now know was always within me and see the world, and all those around me in a very different light.  I now have the tools I need to navigate any experience with a higher level of consciousness and share this gift with others!


                                            Michelle Cleveland

            Marketing Genius and Business Owner

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