Absolute Realization Meditation

Want to get back into the Creative way of thinking?


Want to feel alive, and not like a robot in a set routine?


Want a break from the mental chatter and worry?



Then join King Gabriel for the Absolute Realization Mediation Program, where He reveals:


  • The natural laws underlying all Your physical manifestations and the precursors to their unfoldment.


  • How You can make true progress toward Your Spiritual goal.

  • How You can attain true Peace and lasting Joy.



ABSOLUTE REALIZATION, is the understanding and acceptance of the True relationship between Yourself and the Absolute.

It is an AWAKENING from confusion about reality.

The course consists of a system of 15-30 minute meditations, that will transform Your life by dissolving any mental debris.

The result is a balanced mind, full of Universal Love and Compassion.



King Gabriel retained the memory of His previous plane of existence ( pre - birth), which was a place of Light, Peace and Unity.

As a child, He had a natural inclination toward Yoga, Zazen (Open Eyed Meditation), Visualization, Astral Travel and Transcendental Meditation.

At the age of 7, He had successfully opened His Ajna (Third-Eye), and continued to practice, until His Absolute Realization at 26.

Since such occurrences are very personal and can be lost in translation, He developed ways to share the gifts of these revelations through practices, tools and information that led others to have their own experiences.

The core of all the teaching is personal experience, as it is a more reliable source to the individual, than the word or writing of another. .


During this amazingly powerful course We'll work together to...

=> Create a crystal clear vision of Your Spiritual goal and the type of being that You would really like to be.


=> We’ll uncover and resolve the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging Your success with being this individual. (They are very likely to be things that You never even considered)


=> You’ll leave each session inspired, rejuvenated, inspired and motivated to attain Your Spiritual goal.

There are 9 uniquely tailored and beneficial steps to the training. The Steps are as follows:


1. Conscious Breath Awareness.


2. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Physical level .


3. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Behavioural level.


4. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Emotional level.


5. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Thought level.


6. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Belief level.


7. Perceptual Reprogramming of the World View level .


8. Perceptual Reprogramming of the Ultimate Allegiance level.


9. The level of Pure Being is achieved, and extended with Loving intention, as sharing increases the Joy of being.

The length of each session is one hour, and really reaches a depth of understanding and practice that would be difficult for most, yet basic to those who are truly willing to grow.


The program is structured to run in 3 month intervals, as that is the time that We can gauge the progress, and completed changes that have occurred.


The cost of the 3 month program is $197/session and We meet once per week.


If You decide on the 6 month program is $177/session.


and the yearly program is $157/session.




In this Workshop, You will become aware of Your relationship to and  with the Absolute.

You will be able to create freely, knowing that You are Loved and Supported at always.

Register Here

Register Here

"I had been walking blindly toward the light. I knew I wanted change, I craved it with every fibre of my being, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not grasp it. Since working with Gabriel, I feel as though I have been reborn. I am so alive, as though there is a bright light at my centre, bursting with love. Gabriel has changed my life, and I am forever grateful."                 

Joe Mercer

Communications Co-ordinator at County of Simcoe

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Be authentically Joyful and witness a real change in Your situation......

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