Imaginal Development

So You've most likely heard and learnt about the Law of Attraction, and maybe even the Law of Assumption, and You've probably managed to make some wonderful progress allowing the Law to work.


You know You're ready to take it to a new level in terms of Your successful manifestation or Creation.

Somewhere deep within, You just know that You could have it work even better, faster and more precise.

This is why Imaginal Development exists:
Imaginal development is a series of practical lessons and demonstrations that allow You to maximize Your Visioning potential and thereby allow the Law to go to work on Your behalf much more quickly and accurately. The Law reacts to images, which words tend to conjure, yet if We had the ability to have a greater degree of accuracy in Our visualization, wouldn't the Law be able to more quickly bring Us exactly what We desire.

Why does Imaginal Development work?

The ability to have the effect (Our desire) occur more quickly, is not dependent on exaggerated emotions (as many claim) if they are not natural to Us.

The real catalyst is being able to be in the natural state that We would be in if the intended outcome had already occurred ( The Law of Assumption).

A certain way for this to happen, is if You really believed that it had happened; yet some People struggle with the ability to believe this if They haven't seen or experienced an event that tells them that it is so.

In response to this need, We have developed a program that allows the participants to develop the ability to visualize much clearer, sharper and more realistic.

Think of it as sharpening the vision of Your third eye.

It also helps to alleviate the problem of not being able to imagine the outcome because You have never experienced anything like it before.

This really allows You to live in the mental space of the state being achieved and the experience, must follow, as You already know.

P.S. With virtual reality aids to assist in the naturalness of the feeling.

In this 8 week training program


You will:

  • Acquire the skill to have the outcome be as real as Your current reality is to You

  • Learn how to maintain the feeling of this outcome consistently so You are able to keep what You've manifested

  • Develop the ability to focus and hold the image of the outcome in Mind clearly

  • Feel gratitude for the outcome, and see Your world transform

  • Remove all the blocks to anything that You've wanted to manifest

  • Relieve the need for any sort of manipulation to have Your outcome occur

  • Grow into Your next expression naturally and gracefully

  • Be the very best version of Your Self to suit the manifestation that You have chosen


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Be authentically Joyful and witness a real change in Your situation......

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