Our Course Curriculum

Our Course Curriculum is made up of three very wholesome and complete programs that are set up to provide the tools and information to Truly move You toward BEing CONNECTED, CONFIDENT, COLLECTED and CLEAR regardless of the external situation.

The Freedomentals

The Freedomentals are simple video series which is a go to supply of topics explained from and energetic standpoint, which frees participants from thinking within the limits of societal confines.


The Archangel Certification Course is an unique Spiritual Healing and Creation experience, which focuses on both prominent and obscure practices, tools and modalities.

It's taught from a non-dual perspective and EMPOWERS the Participant to understand without becoming biased and/ or stagnated by obsession with the tools.
This allows the space to continue One's Spiritual journey,

and gain mastery of cutting edge modalities, without having to claim a religion, sect or denomination.

Be certified to teach and practice globally as an  ARCHangel freely.

Spiritual Master's Course

Ever thought of what it would be like to live in a world which You saw as purely Spiritual? 
A world that worked with You in fulfilling Your every desire or endeavour?

The Spiritual Master's Course offers that and more. 

By focusing on  achieving the goals that have been set, It allows the direct experience of Truth in a very practical and tangible way..

It creates a major shift in the way One perceives and experiences Life, thereby creating a development of Spiritual Awareness.



Connect right now!

Be authentically Joyful and witness a real change in Your situation......

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