ARCH Angel Certification

The ARCHangel Certification Course is an unique Spiritual Healing and Empowerment Course, which focuses on both prominent and obscure, yet very effective Spiritual practices, tools and modalities.

It's taught from a non dual perspective which EMPOWERS the Participant to understand and experience without becoming fixated on any one modality. This creates a sense of ease and fluidity.

Be a certified ARCHANGEL, with the authority, confidence, and knowledge to practice globally, while using these powerful modalities and tools to enhance Your Spiritual Experience and assist Others.

   In this 12 week Intensive Course, You will:


  • Interpret subconscious messaging and Your dreams accurately and effectively to ACHIEVE IMMEDIATE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE.

  • GAIN mastery of highly effective, cutting edge Spiritual modalities, AND practices.

  • DEVELOP a sense of CLARITY AND fulfill Your desire, while remaining in a state of RECEPTIVITY.

  • Explore and cultivate energy to CREATE WITH EASE.





Gain instantly applicable knowledge of authentic Spiritual modalities, and practices.
Be able to teach and practice globally as a certified ARCHANGEL.

I would say these are the two biggest insights I received from this course:

1) A very deep understanding of my mind. KG (King Gabriel) has a very brilliant way of explaining the mind and understanding it to the point of actually feeling into the mechanism of it.... SO TRANSFORMATIVE.

I would say this literally shifted everything for me.

His approach of explaining the mind is SO new to me.


I've never encountered this approach before.


I almost want to say this is literally what I value KG for.


Lol...not sure if this is making sense.


For example, I hear this a lot, the journey from your head to your heart might be longest journey you'll ever take (I get this on some intellectual level, but did not resonate with what this meant in my being at all until now).

2) I recognized and busted out of the pattern I had "Abundance and love is just not available to me".

I found myself getting mad and angry in the middle of the course and wanted to quit.


I noted this is a very common theme in my life.


I moved through the material anyway and discovered a pattern

"none of this material and knowledge is available to me. Something like I don't have permission to think like this" Hello!!!


Oh my gosh... Cracking through this, I feel like a whole new world of possibility has opened.

Thank You so much for this course King Gabriel!!!

I am beyond grateful for the value it has brought to me!!!

"King Gabriel walks his talk in the areas of fitness, education, and inspiration. I believe the Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing (ARCH) is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to come into harmony and wellbeing."


Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

"King Gabriel Quincy Collymore guided me to live from a place of oneness, remember the light I have within, and further inspired me to spread love and light on the planet. I wholeheartedly believe that the Absolute Realization Coaching and Healing (ARCH) program is one of the most comprehensive spiritual programs and is suitable for absolutely everyone! King Gabriel’s presence is his power - he simply radiates love and light, and touches every person he meets. I am blessed to have worked with such an incredible being!  

“A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind,and touches a heart."
Kiera  Dengate

“The light and smile of King Gabriel are simply contagious. I was looking to get out of my dark days when I crossed his road and I still think he wasn't there by accident. My sessions with him helped me in a drastic way. Since then, I shine and smile like the summer sun."

Farrah Bérubé Ph.D.

Universty Professor in Public Communication

"They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
I was attending a book launch to celebrate the accomplishments of a friend and King Gabriel Quincy Collymore was also launching a book at the same event. We had a conversation where I expressed I had a strong intuition that I could learn a lot from him. There are times when I am so grateful that I heeded the call of my inner knowing and this was definitely one of those times.
King Gabriel is a spiritual transformer and head coach at ARCH (Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing). He is kind, genuine and generous of spirit. He assisted me to learn through opening my mind, heart and soul to new perspectives. He is extremely skilled at meeting me where I am at (and there have been many times that was an emotional messy place) and through his acceptance of where I was at, his presentation of ideas and new perspectives, he helped me to elevate my consciousness and more fully appreciate the Divinity within me. The journey continues to deepen, open and expand. The many tools I have learned are now an integral part of my being. They help me to reconnect to Source, feel grounded and safe. There is such comfort in knowing that one is able to access what is needed at any time. There has been significant healing in relationships possible because of a deeper level of understanding and compassion in my heart. In the years since I have been working with him, I have experienced a transformation in my spiritual life (paralleled with a physical transformation) and I honour its fullest expression as well as look forward to continued deepening and expansion. I feel that I am able to present to the world my most authentic me and am living my life with a sense of awe, wonder, gratitude and deep, deep appreciation. My light is shining brightly and it’s radiance is a gift to behold. And so it is.
Can your light shine more brightly? Could you benefit from this type of exploration? I ask you listen to your heart and consider this amazing possibility."

Libbie Oag
Registered Nurse at Sick Kids Toronto

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Be authentically Joyful and witness a real change in Your situation......

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