A magically miraculous account of Spiritual Expansion demonstrating how to attain the same in Your Life.


A foreign entity, enters a child and brings forth new perspectives, teachings and experiences that are without a doubt "Other Worldly" in nature. Through the life experience of this being, the author brings forth the unmistakeable view of this being's world, that....in his words, "it is not my life", but "The Life of God as "me"". 


The novel goes into the depths of life experience and brings forth topics like:

What if your whole world was not what it seemed to be?

What if a single refocusing of thought could change everything?

What if there was a way to tap into the Universal will that would allow total happiness, success and harmony?


The novel clearly demonstrates: Practical techniques that will allow only actions, thoughts and words that serve your purpose to be in your awareness, and so much more.....

This fun filled manual, is a wonderful foundation for attaining Happiness regardless of where You are physically, financially or mentally.
By creating this consistent mood well being, all previous concerns are aligned and the natural order of Universal well being continues.

Some of these tools include:

*Learning how to consistently allow miracles in every area of Your life, be it Spirituality, Mind, Body, Relationships or Wealth.

*Practical & Simple techniques that will guide you to allow only actions, thoughts and words that serve your purpose to be in Your awareness.

*How to develop a clear and inviting aura, that will create instantaneous rapport and union with anyone at anytime.

*How to align Your thoughts, words and actions with Your true purpose.




The Life of God as Me
How to Constantly Have Happiness

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