" Bright, Unique, Joyful! "


I know that that I am sustained, maintained and abundantly supported by The Source of Being/Great Spirit/God.

I am genuinely grateful for the experience of this and My life is lived in the awareness of the amazing Love that is present everywhere and in Everyone.

I have a desire to share the attitudes and feelings that come from My experience, as I believe that Everyone deserves to experience the awareness of Love's presence.

My Life is filled with Joy and deep appreciation :).



I Love sharing the Light (Understanding), that leads to Peace and Oneness, with Others. They are then lit up (enlightened) and share as well :). The worls is then a brighter and more enjoyable place.

"Spiritual Teacher who is loving, accepting, non-judgmental...And loves to have FUN!" (T.A.)

" Ambitious, Good Vibes, Inspirational! "


I see You delivering Your message to the masses and having a world which reflects the value that You are giving to it  .

Perfect Peace, Clarity, and Creative Expression in a multitude of ways that may have not yet been expressed. 

Everyone recognizes that each individual encountered, is the same as Himself/Herself. In this state the impulse to create is shared and expressed. As a result, Joy is brought to everyone :).......




By remembering the Source of Being within Me and Everyone I encounter, I am able to forget the apparent world just for a moment and see it as it truly is.

This leads to Others remembering who They truly are.
"When the mind is healed, it instantly begins to create."

This is demonstrated in the Spiritual Teachings that I practice and share, the music that I write and produce and the health and vitality that is displayed in the body that I use to share these messages.

"Amazing person...super positive....anyone who works with him is blessed!" (Brenda Rex)

" Positive Spin on any outcome! "


I remember being one with Spirit, yet being an Individual simultaneously. The vibration We shared was the same, and then I looked toward a new experience and so i changed vibration and began this new experience.
I elected to have a different experience and so this experience began.

I have experienced the Fulfillment/Bliss of that relationship in Samadhi/ Satori as well.



I live consciously, as I truly embrace the fact that consciousness is all that I believe and accept as being true.

I focus My attention LOVE, Light (Understanding), Peace, and Unity, not as concepts, but as actual  states of vibration and share these with All that I encounter.

"King Gabriel is truly the Happiness Coach. I highly recommend working with him to learn to love your life, & understand what it means to live from a perspective of love." (Sheila White Trask)

Professional Bio


King Gabriel is an authentic Spiritual Explorer and Teacher, with the one goal of maintaining awareness of Oneness by assisting others in attaining Absolute Realization.

He remembers being One with The Source of Being before beginning this part of the experience, and has been given a gift of experiencing that relationship in the experience of Samadhi.

In a general consensus, among the people who have known King Gabriel for many years, the collective and unanimous feedback is that He is Love Filled, Positive, Accepting, Cheerful and Compassionate.


The Spiritual Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Electrical Engineer (BS), Musician, Published Author, former Professional Athlete and Coach in multiple sports; has lived with the idea of incorporating His findings in a tangible way for Others to be able to receive and digest, so that they may be able to experience the unity that he knows is present.


He has had the honour of sharing the stage with many great Spiritual Leaders, highly regarded Speakers, Mystics and Musicians including Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, John Gray, Chaka Khan, The Black Eyed Peas and others.


King Gabriel has created, utilized and shared many amazingly simple and effective  tools and practices that have shifted the minds of Participants in ways that are beyond belief by many, yet understandable completely to Those Who do believe.


He is very grateful to have the ability to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of Others :).


Thank You so much for being here. Your time is precious to You and also to Me. The time You spend witnessing Love's presence makes the experience better for Us all.

You are appreciated and I am genuinely grateful for You.

We breathe the same air, feel the same presence of the radiant sun's light and receive the blessing of the refreshing rain's downpour.

I am King Gabriel Quincy Collymore, and I have a story for You that is True, yet it may seem unbelievable.


It has been stated that real Life is sometimes so crazy that fiction cannot surpass its incredulous nature.

The story is the one of how this channel of dispersal of Divine ideas, and congruent practices to achieve higher states of Divine Consciousness came to be.

So in complete authenticity and accuracy, this is what occurred:

I entered the experience of this world with a memory of the world before, in which I was a Being of Radiant Golden Light. There was One exactly like Me, and We communicated without any words, as We were of the same Mind.

I remember looking at an image that was present outside of Our region, and in that instant My thought differed and I began to vibrate differently, and that was when this world began for Me. 

I retained this memory on arriving to this experience, and was naturally drawn to meditation, and Yoga .

By the age of 3, I was clear that My mission was to allow Others to feel the feeling of Oneness and connection that I remembered and still felt within My Being.

I grew up in a Spiritual and Athletic Family, and became a Professional Athlete, Electrical Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, and Spiritual Teacher. I also relished the Freedom of exploration and indulged in My curiosity into practices including Qi Gong, Astral Projection and Various types of Meditation.

By the age of 26, through utter devotion to being of service, I was blessed with a gift of being able to enter the state of Samadhi, Satori, or as I called it at the time, Fulfillment Bliss (a state of total bliss in Divine Union) at will. In this state, there was no body, no objects, and just a state of pure overflowing bliss with seemingly no identifiable reason for it. It is totally being the Light and Bliss Itself.

I am forever grateful for this gift, and have worked ceaselessly since this Realization to bring the content of these experiences through Spiritual Teachings, Educational Videos, Music, Books and Courses that really emphasize and simplify the principles, and attributes therein to truly make a difference in the Lives of as many People as possible. 

I am so pleased to hear the many messages of hundreds of people Who are grateful for the changes that are occurring within Their Lives as a result of the content that I have made accessible and available through the available streams i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, Amazon, Thinkific etc.

I really look forward to expanding the reach of the Love that I am, and You are through this wonderful medium, and appreciate You more than i can adequately express at this time :).

Eternal Love and Infinite Peace
King Gabriel Quincy Collymore

Connect right now!

Be authentically Joyful and witness a real change in Your situation......

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